Can I get there?

Ample on-street parking is located adjacent to City Books on Western Avenue, unfortunately there are no dedicated handicapped parking spaces. There are curb cuts at the corners of all nearby blocks, however, for getting onto the sidewalk without stepping up.

Similarly, Galveston Ave does not have bike racks, however bikes can be securely attached to nearby signs or brought inside the bookstore during foul weather, if space allows.

The bookstore is also accessible via bus and trolley routes. If arriving by trolley via Downtown Pittsburgh or points south, disembark at Allegheny Station. Proceed up Allegheny Avenue on foot and make a right onto Western Avenue. One block down, make a left onto Galveston Ave. The bookstore is located at 908 Galveston Avenue between the Modern Café and Motive salon. The walk is about 8 minutes.

The nearest bus stop is at the corner of Brighton Road & North Avenue connecting to the 16 Brighton to Avalon Loop and the 13 Bellevue to West View routes. From the corner of Brighton & North, proceed south on Brighton toward CCAC with the park on your left. Make a right at the first light onto Western Avenue. Continue along Western Avenue to the first light and make a right at the Modern Café onto Galveston Ave. City Books will be the second door on your right. The walk is about 6 minutes.

Can I get in?

There are two steps up from the sidewalk to get into the front door of the bookstore–without a handrail. We are happy to help customers in and out of the store. If you need assistance with a wheelchair, please call in advance so we can have additional people in the store to assist you. The door can be opened 56” wide.

Can I access the books?

While the books are located on standard 7’ high shelves, City Books can always provide assistance for those with mobility and reach issues. Furthermore, all of the shelves are on casters, so the layout & aisles can be modified for those with wheelchairs and walkers.

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