City Books and the Pittsburgh Book Fairies are pleased to offer a special care package to Dr. Christine Yost of Children’s Community Pediatrics as a symbolic way of saying thanks to all local medical professionals and their support staff for helping the Pittsburgh region through the COVID-19 pandemic.

HCW box pic

In her nomination, Tara Fee writes: “Dr. Yost is my children’s pediatrician–in my first couple of days of being a mom, she saved my newborn’s life by diagnosing her with a condition that the hospital where she was born had not addressed fully.  During the pandemic, she has given us thoughtful, consistent advice based on the latest developments and her knowledge of each of my children, but more important, she has helped them and us frame this strange experience in terms that are honest, reassuring, constructive, and inspiring for our children.  In other words, she is not only a skilled clinician, but also a person who understands how to communicate in a crisis and the power of words to help us function within this strange reality. She is also doing this while her practice faces the difficulties of dealing with a panicking public (she cheerfully carries a tote bag of hand sanitizer and gloves into the office for each visit because the hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes kept getting stolen, for example). Moreover, knowing that families in our area believe in “herd immunity” and oppose masks, I think it is especially important that we have doctors like her who are excellent communicators, clear and truthful and encouraging.  We are really grateful that she has been our children’s doctor since each of their births and she has definitely helped us be better parents, now as much as ever.”

The care package has a $120 value and contains:

  • A City Books t-shirt (a “Quaran-tee”)
  • Something in Between (CD) by the Kyle Simpson Jazz Collective
  • Sugar Burn Sessions (CD) by Tom Kurlander
  • A Banned Books Candle by North Ave Candles
  • A homemade bar of soap by Iron Alley Soapworks
  • Clothes pin magnets by Charis Notes and Gifts
  • A box of notecards by City Books
  • and a book of contemporary fiction!

Please join us by showing your thanks to the hardworking people in our community who are working long hours in difficult conditions to keep us healthy and safe during this crisis.

City Books & the Pittsburgh Book Fairies