24 Hour Flowers

City Books is pleased to introduce 24 Hour Flowers, a beautiful, new interactive folding pop-up book exploring a diverse array of flowers that bloom for only one day.

Join us in-person or on-line when creator Matt Holbein demonstrates & signs copies of the book on Sunday, March 11 from 1-2 PM. Like our Facebook page for access to the LIVE event and follow the directions elsewhere on this website labeled “Virtual Signings.”


What’s Blooming?

Inside of an old, rusty clock thrive eight species of flowers that all have one thing in common: their blooms only last for one day. Prepare for a journey full of new botanical knowledge and breathtaking illustrations.

As you explore four families of fascinating yet fleeting flora growing thick through the clock gears of this 12-sided book, you will learn new facts about each one, what makes them the same, and what makes them different.

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10% of profits made from sales of 24 Hour Flowers goes to the National Parks Foundation. Price includes PA sales tax & shipping via Media Mail. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


Keep Your Mind Flourishing

24 Hour Flowers is a celebration of fleeting flora, but it also functions as an educational tool to learn about plant taxonomy, or how plants are arranged into families. First, the book divides bilaterally into monocotyldons on the left and dicotyldons on the right–the most basic distinction in classifying plants. These two sections are each sub-divided into two families, a garden grows amongst clock gears, and within each family two species are featured for a total of 8 blooms growing from the center of the book.

The Roots of 24 Hour Flowers

This book was designed and built to house a central pop-up clock element, while still encompassing The Foliage Library theme that the shape of the book relates conceptually to its content. Its pages unfold upwards and outwards from two heavyweight, reinforced bases, which also act as the front and back covers of the book when it is shut. 24 Hour Flowers closes about its central hinge and is securely shut with a paper belt for safe transport and storage. Overall, 24 Hour Flowers shares important knowledge about the structure of plants through illustrious images and innovative design. It incorporates elements of art, geometry, engineering, and environmentalism, and can help awaken interests in these topics in both children and adults.

About the Creators

Matt Emily 24HFMatt Holbein and Emily Brooks became friends their freshman year at the Rochester Institute of Technology, bonding over a strong interest in botany and love of books. Throughout the course of their friendship they started making books together; their first experiment was an octagonal book titled Sunflowers and Moonflowers. This first book effectively served as a catalyst to their collaborative creations, and soon thereafter they created The Bee Book, which was a Kickstarter success in June 2015. While that book was still hot off the press Matt and Emily had ideas for two more books, a decagonal book (10 sides) called Daisies and Dandelions, and a dodecagonal book (12 sides) called 24 Hour Flowers. Matt was especially inspired by the idea of a book geared by time and developed a pop-up clock mechanism to rest in the center of the book.