Barbara Barrow


Barrow 1Barbara Barrow is a fiction writer, a literary critic, and Assistant Professor of English at Point Park University in Pittsburgh. She has published several short stories. The Quelling is her first novel published by Lanternfish Press.

Addie and Dorian have always been together: the two sisters have spent most of their lives in a locked ward after being diagnosed with a rare psychiatric condition and accused of murder as children. Now on the cusp of adulthood, Addie plans to start a new family to replace the one she lost, while Dorian struggles with her own violent tendencies to help raise her sister’s child. But Dr. Lark, the supervisor of their ward, sees these patients as the key to his revolutionary Cure. As his “treatments” become increasingly bizarre, Addie and Dorian are increasingly unsafe, and a ward nurse may be their only lifeline.

Watch the Shelf Life interview with Barbara Barrow here.

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