Appalachian Writers


In this episode of Shelf Life, Arlan sits down with Laura Leigh Morris (Jaws of Life) and Natalie Sypolt (The Sound of Holding Your Breath) to discuss Appalachian literature–past, present, and future.

Topics of conversation include:

How is Appalachian literature different from Southern literature?

How well does Appalachian literature convey the history and culture of the area?

What are people/media getting wrong about Appalachia?

What are the complexities of writing Appalachia and challenging the stereotypes we often see in the media?

What themes and threads runs through the Appalachian literature?

Who are the essential Appalachian writers?

If people want to read more about the region, either fiction or non-fiction, where should they turn first?

Appalachian writers mentioned in this episode:

Sheila K. Adams
Harriette Arnow
Wendell Berry
Wiley Cash
Denise Giardina
Nikki Giovanni
Robert Gipe
Marc Harshman
Silas House
David Joy
Sharyn McCrumb
Irene McKinney
Gurney Norman
Ann Pancake
Breece D’J Pancake
Ron Rash
James Still
Frank X. Walker
Crystal Wilkinson

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