Replacing R’s Law Books

As many City Books TikTok followers know, Richard is an incarcerated person at a Pennsylvania maximum security prison who occasionally orders books and journals from our shop. He recently lost his library during a flood of his cell block. As someone who helps others in the prison navigate the legal system, Richard is particularly eager to replace six of his most valuable books, including a two-volume set on Federal habeas corpus practice, and two books on the Pennsylvania rules of court.

Richard has asked that City Books coordinate the purchase of the books, rather than have the money donated directly to him. Unfortunately, five of the books are not available wholesale, so must be purchased directly from the publisher/state. Combined, the purchase price of all of the books comes to a little over $1100.00. That is much more than I originally expected. Tax & shipping (first to City Books and then to Richard) will cost more.

Because many of our followers have asked how they could help Richard, we are now taking financial donations to purchase & ship the books on his behalf. If you are interested in contributing to the replacement books, please use the form below.

Your contribution will be considered the sale of a book and is subject to Stripe processing fees & sales tax on our end–so only about $.85 on the dollar will go to the books. This is the best way for City Books to manage the donations on our balance sheet. We cannot accept Venmo contributions for these “sales.”

Donations are not tax-deductible.

City Books will remove this webpage when we have reached the total required to replace Richard’s books–and we will keep our TikTok followers posted on our fundraising progress/outcome.

Thank you so much for your interest in and encouragement of this project. ~Arlan

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