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Vivian Lee Croft Named First Writer-In-Residence, Receives One Northside Grant for Position

City Books is pleased to announce the City Books Writer’s Residency. Offering flexible access to a comfortable, creative space within Pittsburgh’s oldest bookstore, the residency is for adult writers to initiate new writing or to advance existing work-in-progress. The opportunity allows writers to pursue individual writing goals or projects without the expectation of a page count or publication. City Books will offer 2 residencies per calendar year.

Vivian Lee Croft, Founder + Director of Write Pittsburgh and Margaret L. Whitford Fellow at Chatham University, approached City Books owner Arlan Hess after a bookstore event in December with the idea for a residency program. As a result, Croft will be the first writer-in-residence from March 1-June 30. “Some would say the hardest thing about being a writer is making the time to write. Or maybe, finding a writing space that works for you. Spending time here is an exciting opportunity,” Croft says. In addition to receiving discounts and curation opportunities at City Books, she will spend 3-5 hours a week at the bookstore, and be available on Independent Bookstore Day (April 25) and for media requests. Croft received a One Northside grant from New Sun Rising for her participation in the residency.

Founded in 1984 on the South Side, City Books is now located at 908 Galveston Avenue in the Allegheny West neighborhood of the Northside. Committed to literature and the literary heritage of the region, City Books intends to hold residency space for emerging, marginalized, and under-represented writers. Hess says, “We don’t know how many applications we will receive, but preference will be given to applicants for whom the residency will have the greatest possible impact.” The next residency will be from July 1-Nov 30. Additional information about the City Books Writers Residency and application instructions are available at