Black Angels by Robert Walicki




A local favorite!

In Black Angels, Robert Walicki says, …men will want to break you, / like they’ve been broken. These poems jackhammer us with compassion, asking over and over: What does it mean to be a man? The haunted details shift from the scarecrow to the dying fish, from Bowie to Prince, as the voice professes its burning love: …I caught a fish but didn’t / want blood.
–Jan Beatty, author of Jackknife

Like its title, the poems in Robert Walicki’s eagerly awaited full-length book are at once fearless and gentle. Poem after poem, Walicki drops us smack in the middle of a world so familiar yet so singular, then offers his steady hand as he leads us through the harrowing, magical truth about ourselves.
–Heather McNaugher, author of System of Hideouts

What so compels us about Robert Walicki’s Black Angels? Their haunting, numinous voices? The dark and tortured spaces they’ve traveled to reach us? Or is it the fire that surrounds them, sharp and sparking as a cutting torch? Perhaps it’s the intimate, searing messages they bring–of childhood, identity, work and pain, yet also of mercy and “every part of yes.” Whatever it is, these poems are a visitation. They blaze, they shine, and leave an afterimage that lingers on and on. –Richard St. John, author of Each Perfected Name

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