Holiday Book Box

New for 2023: Limited time offer Holiday Book Box—not a subscription!

Whether it’s a heartfelt gift for a friend or family member, or a stack of books for your bedside table (or both!), we designed our holiday book boxes to leave a lasting impression–while staying within your budget. Readers can give with peace of mind this season: independent bookstore, personalized shopping, eco-friendly, and affordable pricing.

Choose from a range of genres; all titles will be hand-picked by City Books. Please follow this link to see genre and fulfillment options.

We will be taking orders until midnight, October 31, 2023. Shipping begins on or about December 1, 2023. The price of the Holiday Book Box is $35.00, including tax & shipping. This is not a subscription.

Interested in an Advent Calendar Book Box? Email us for a quote before November 1.

Box content

Books are undamaged, hand-selected remainders from Book Country, one of the largest and oldest bargain book wholesalers in the world, located just outside of Pittsburgh. The books will most likely have a remainder mark, which is a small mark appearing on the bottom or side of the book. Remaindered books are mostly publisher returns, which means they are still being sold at full price in retail channels. However, we are passing them along to City Books readers at reduced prices. Regardless of the mark, the books will be of gift-giving quality.

Each box contains three books. Readers can select up to three genres. We will do our best to include all requested genres, although we won’t know until we get to Book Country what books are available. City Books will do its best to accommodate content/trigger exclusions, if requested at the time of order. Unfortunately, we can’t accept orders for specific titles.

Multiple Boxes

Readers may order more than three books, but each box of three requires a separate order form and will be shipped separately. Readers may order gift boxes sent to third party addresses by filling out a regular order form with the recipient’s address and interests. City Books will include a hand-written gift card, if requested at the time of order. Of course, all the boxes can go to the same (your?) address, as well, so you can give the books/boxes in person.

Buddy Boxes

Readers may opt to create Buddy Boxes: two identical boxes–one meant for keeping, one meant for giving. Please indicate on the order form that you are interested in a duplicate box and we will send you a second invoice via email for the additional box. If you would like to order more than two identical boxes (for a family or book club, for example), please send us an email at and we will do our best to accommodate you.

City Books Merchandise

For branded City Books merchandise such as t-shirts, tote bags, stickers, pencils, postcards, and Readers’ Journals, please visit our website. Non-book merchandise will ship separately.

Holiday Book Box 2023

PLEASE READ: Ordering our Holiday Book Box is a two-step process. Once you have completed payment, please click the link above to complete the genre request form. Someone from City Books will reach out to you to confirm your order and follow up with any questions we may have. Price includes tax & shipping.


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