Take the Book Habits Survey

In spring 2020, the Iamb Gallery at City Books will feature the work of Jo Novelli-Blasko, an artist and teacher from Johnstown, PA. Jo’s ongoing project, The Habitorium, is an independent research project that scrutinizes seemingly rote acts, examines the stories associated with habits, and sifts intention from gesture. Jo will be creating new paintings for this show that focus on the quirky, bookish habits we all have. (You know it’s true.)

Please take a few minutes to click through and complete the survey (via PDF/Phantom FoxIt.) and email it to citybookspgh@gmail.com. Or, if you are more comfortable, print a copy and return it to City Books the next time you visit. Of course, we will have copies in the store for you to fill out and leave behind, as well.

Your unique literary habits might be the inspiration for one of Jo’s new paintings.

Take the Habitorium survey HERE.

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