Reading Challenge 2016

If your 2016 reading has gotten off to a slow start, or if you have fallen into a reading rut, here is a list of reading challenges that will push you beyond your same old bedside reading.

Reading Challenge 2016

 o   A book published this year

o   A book you can finish in a day

o   A book you’ve been meaning to read

o   A book recommended by a librarian or bookseller

o   A book you should have read in school

o   A book chosen for you by your spouse, partner, sibling, child, coworker, friend

o   A book published in each of the last three centuries

o   A banned book

o   A book you previously abandoned

o   A book you have never read

o   A book that intimidates you

o   A hardcover book

o   A book written by someone of a different gender AND a different race/religion