OCT 6: David Reichenbaugh

Beltway Snipers pic 3

Please join City Books when we welcome David Reichenbaugh on Saturday, October 6 at 7 PM.

David is the author of In Pursuit: The Hunt for the Beltway Snipers, the true story of the Washington, DC, snipers. He served as the criminal intelligence operations commander for the Maryland State Police, and as the commanding officer at the scene during the Beltway snipers’ capture in Myersville, Maryland.

This adrenalin-filled night will provide an insightful look into the true crime that riveted the nation to its television sets for weeks.

The event is free. Seating is limited.


From the publisher:

October 2, 2002. A bullet pierced the window of a crafts store in Maryland, just missing the cashier. But other bullets hit their targets. In Pursuit follows the hunt for the Beltway snipers during the twenty-three-day shooting spree that terrorized Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. David Reichenbaugh, the criminal intelligence operations commander for the Maryland State Police, and commanding officer at the scene during the snipers’ capture in Myersville, Maryland, played a major role in the investigation from the first day of the killing spree through its final act, as the snipers were cornered in a rest area in western Maryland. He is one of a very few who know the complete details of the investigation and capture of the snipers.

Working against the clock with few clues and little evidence, hundreds of investigators from federal, state, county, and city law enforcement agencies struggled to find answers to the questions: Who were the killers? Was their choice of victims random? And most of all, Why did they kill? When the killers began leaving notes to taunt the police, investigators were finally able to begin assembling a picture, piercing the fog of uncertainty and terror that filled the region. In Pursuit is a step-by-step procedural that offers an inside look at how investigators made sense of the dizzying array of facts, conjectures, motives, and opportunities and brought to heel two of the most diabolical killers in the nation’s history.


David’s passion for law enforcement started at a very early age which led him to seek a degree in Criminal Justice. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is a graduate of North Western University Traffic Institute School of Police Staff and Command. David retired after 23 years of service with the Maryland State Police as a Lieutenant and Barrack Commander in Cumberland Maryland. David’s career started as a road Trooper and continued on as a criminal investigator, undercover narcotics investigator, major violators supervisor, homicide and high profile case investigator, and assisted in the development of the intelligence unit of the MSP post 9/11.