City Box: What’s Your Story?

The limited edition City Box repackages the ephemera of the 20th century and presents it as insight into our true character.

As readers, we value the poems and stories that have become an integral part of our lives. We refuse to throw books away, yet we don’t feel the same about bus schedules, shopping lists, or receipts. Aside from printed words on a page, paper speaks volumes about us as individuals, as a culture, and as a species. But, why do we value some paper more than others when all paper tells a story?

Four times a year (2019), the City Box combines a used trade paperback with carefully curated second-hand treasures related to paper and printed matter. No two packages will ever be the same. While each box offers its contents the promise of a new chapter, each item serves as a plot point in the narrative of our lives.

A total of 20 City Boxes will be available by subscription and for pick up. Individual boxes will be available ($20) in store while supplies last.

City Box Subscription (1 year)

Orders received prior to Dec. 15, 2018 will receive a one-time thank-you box at no extra charge.


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