Care Package

Send a literary care package across the miles. Please click here to order.

In spring 2020, North Ave. Candles, Leaf and Twig, the Bird + the Beard, and City Books developed a Care Package to ease the discomfort of social distancing. As the short days and long nights of winter bear down upon us, let your friends and family know that you are with them in spirit, if not in person.

Each box contains two 2 oz. candles, two artisanal tea blend samples, one RANDOMLY CHOSEN Blind Date with a Book. Library card bookmarks are courtesy of Bird and the Beard. No two boxes are the same.

Proper social distancing practices have been strictly followed during healthy, in-home assembly; individual items have been gathered by one vendor without face-to-face contact with the others and mailed via USPS with scheduled doorstep pick up. The price is $22 plus tax & shipping.

Product details:

🕯 North Ave. Candles (Pittsburgh): Two 2-oz candles each with a burn time of 10-12 hours selected from their best-selling/most popular scents. The two fragrances will be in different scent families for the broadest possible appeal. IG @northavecandles

☕️ Leaf & Twig (Pittsburgh): Blended by an herbalist and certified holistic health coach, these loose leaf teas allow the brewer to savor the actions of preparing the cup, enjoy the aroma as the tea and herbs unfurl, and truly taste the flavor of the tea. Fireside Evenings: Ceylon Black Tea, cassia cinnamon chips, cardamom pods (contains caffeine). Lavender Mint Dream: honeyroo, peppermint, chamomile, lavender (no caffeine). IG @leafandtwig

📚 City Books (Pittsburgh): A Blind Date with a Book: A used mass-market paperback wrapped in brown kraft paper and stamped with the corresponding genre. Most boxes will receive Classic Fiction/Poetry/Drama, Vintage Science Fi/Fantasy, or Historical Fiction although non-fiction and contemporary fiction may be included. No special orders available. (Click here to order additional Blind Date books directly from City Books.) Pages & covers will show the patina of age & use. IG @citybookspgh

🔖 theBird + theBeard (Pittsburgh): unique, handcrafted stationery goods range
from literary wedding invitations to geeky greeting cards.
IG @birdandthebeard

Please click here to order. 

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