Death of the Novel?

I wish I had time to read in the store. People come in every day and ask if I’ve read this or that book, and I feel guilty that I haven’t. It would be impossible for me to have read everything on the shelves. I am not a voracious reader; I’m a pleasure reader. I prefer the classics, though I do have a broad definition of what can be included in the canon. Most of my life, I have gravitated towards fiction, although lately I have been reading nonfiction and memoir, and I frown to think that I might be a part of the “death of the novel.” (Don’t worry! The novel isn’t dying any more than bookstores are.) If I could squeeze more time into the week, I’d like to read more political science, sociology, and philosophy. There are just so many books. I’d like to read Lawrence Durrell – an ex-pat British writer. Anyone ever read Mount Olive? It is the third volume of The Alexandria Quartet. I have 5 copies of that book. Yikes. Book club, anyone?