Reading in Bed

My favorite place to read is in bed. It’s comfortable, it’s warm, and, I have made sure, it’s well lit. Because my biggest weakness is my dogs, I am most relaxed when they are within arms’ reach. Their snoring soothes me like nothing else. I won’t read at a table or desk because the dogs can’t curl up beside me. Nor will I read in an armchair because we don’t have one big enough for the three of us.

I have occasionally read on the sofa, but because the living room is not well lit and the natural light from the window is unpredictable, I prefer to read in bed where I can control all variables. Clio sleeps at the foot of the bed, while Cooper snuggles under the covers on my left or right side. Resting my hand on his soft warm belly brings down my blood pressure at least 30 points.

A few years ago, right around the time I started needing to wear readers, I bought an inexpensive clip-on lamp for my side of the headboard. I can angle the bulb directly over my shoulder so I can see the page without straining. With my down comforter and a hot cup of tea, it’s the perfect location no matter what time of year or what time of day. In fact, I’m in bed even as I write this.

Where are your favorite places to read?